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Terms and Conditions

• I know of no medical impediment to my going on a holiday • I  am responsible for my medical condition during the holiday • I know that upon booking a holiday there is a 100 NIS fee - paying forward for another cancer patient's holiday • Rafanah does not commit to provide a holiday to any patient who meets the organization’s criteria but will do their best to place eligible guests in donated accommodations; • An eligible guests will be allowed to go on holiday only once and only after payment of a registration fee to Refanah and receiving final written approval from Refanah with the details of the holiday; • The host will not accept a  holiday request directly from eligible guests. Direct booking may incur a full price charge for the holiday • It is hereby clarified that Rafanah and anyone acting on their behalf constitute only a connecting factor between the eligible guests and those accompanying them on the holiday, and the service providers - the owners of the accommodation units. Rafanah does not check the quality or suitability of the holiday units and makes no representation in that regard. The eligible guest is fully responsible for choosing the accommodation and the host is fully responsible for all representations as to their accommodation, all as is customary when ordering an online vacation transaction. • Rafanah emphasizes that it will not bear any responsibility towards anyone who makes use of its service - not in relation to the recipients of the service and not in relation to the service providers. All responsibility between these parties will apply as is customary between the owner of the holiday accommodation and the guest. The owner of the holiday unit should demand to receive the usual collateral from the guests as is customary with him; • any breach of the above conditions may result in the denial of eligibility for a free holiday through Refanah;

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