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Go on a Healing Holiday today

Host's Feedback

Zev, 2019

It was just wonderful to meet the lovely guests. Our hearts have been linked forever. Their pleasure filled my heart with great joy. I hope we helped a little bit during this difficult time. We already miss them..We will always remember them.



Enjoy a short free holiday

Refanah provides a few days respite for oncology patients and their family, giving them a gift of time away together to rest, enjoy and rejuvenate in donated holiday accommodations throughout Israel

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Help cancer patients on their road to recovery

Refanah is the ONLY organization in Israel dedicated solely to providing a free private holiday to cancer patients and their family. Although the holiday accommodations are donated, two out of every three cancer patients that turn to us are unable to take advantage of this due to their lack of resources. We need your support so ALL cancer patients can enjoy a healing holiday.


Some cancer patients cannot even afford to buy meals during their holiday. Sponsor a meal or two for a couple or a family

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Sponsor a monthly rental of a beachfront holiday apartment for a two or three day getaway for cancer patients and their family. A solution for cancer patients who are unable to be spontaneous.


Although the accommodations are donated by generous Israeli proprietors there is a cost for placing each cancer patient and their family on a holiday. Your support will help us organize more holidays.

Together we will help cancer patients on their road to recovery

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During  treatments I had no strength or desire to go on holiday. Now, when it is behind me, I can't afford it as I am still not working. I found out about Refanah – what a blessing! The holiday came at the perfect time and enabled us to breathe again (literally ..)! 

Yuval R.

I was diagnosed with sinus cancer and after difficult months of treatments, my wife and I, parents of two young children,  went on holiday  through Refanah. I can attest that there is nothing like a vacation with your loving partner… It was calm, magical, and romantic. I needed it just as much as oxygen to breathe."

Tamar C.

"My son said to me:'Ima aren't we lucky you got sick so we got to go on this amazing holiday?'. Refanah enabled me to give my kids a great time after the terrible past few months. Thank you for making my dream a reality."

Yael F.

I am a recent breast cancer survivor unexpectedly and surprisingly, found that I was not alone – that there are those who care about my recovery and peace of mind - Refanah the generous holiday unit owners. This is not to be taken granted – it greatly moved me and my family.