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Eligibility & Registration Form

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Who is entitled to a holiday?

  • Whomever is currently undergoing  oncology treatments or has finished treatment within the past 12 months

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

How do you register?

  • Click here to fill in our online Registration Form;

  • Send us a medical document testifying to your entitlement & a doctor's note testifying that you can go on a holiday. Click here to download an example ;
    Send the document by whatsapp to 0536226393 or by email to or by fax to 153536226393

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How do you go on a holiday?

  • After receiving from us an email confirming your eligibility you click on "Holiday" on the menu on our Home Page;

  • Enter your username (email) and password (TZ) and filter the places by your preferences - area, couple/family holiday, etc.

  • Call Refanah X days in advance of your chosen date, according to the requirement of your host, so that we can check availability;

  • Upon confirmation of holiday by the host- a registration fee of 100 NIS is required;

  • Click here for our Terms and Conditions

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